How to Store Shisha in Foil

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2019/02/23 09:57

Shisha is a special tobacco blend commonly smoked through a hookah. It comes in a variety of flavors, which are created by marinating the shisha through a thick molasses. If you have started smoking shisha at home in your own hookah, it's apparent that a little goes a long way. To keep the rest of your supply fresh for later use, wrap it in tightly-packed tin foil, protected from the drying effects of the air. Dried out shisha burns quickly and has an unpleasant flavor.

Things You'll Need


Flip-top glass jar with rubber seal

1 .Take the shisha bag out of its box, but keep it inside its plastic bag. The packaging is bulky and provides little protection. While foil helps to keep the air out, it does not always prevent leakage. The plastic bag will.

2 .Tear off a sheet of foil that is roughly 3 times the width of the shisha clump and twice it's width.

3 .Fold the opening of the plastic bag over to block out as much air as possible.

4 .Place the shisha bag at one end of the foil sheet.

5 .Roll the bag forward so that the bag is wrapped in foil in a tube.

6 .Flatten the two ends of the foil tube, then fold them up and over the shisha.

7 .Store the package inside a glass jar. While the foil keeps your shisha moist, it does not keep away rodents or insects attracted by the sweet smell of the tobacco.

8 .Store the container in a cool, dry place.

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