How to Wash a Shisha Pipe

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2019/02/23 16:35

Washing your shisha pipe is crucial, so you don't get a nasty taste in your mouth when you spark it up. It will also prolong the life of your pipe. The best time to clean it is immediately after use. This means that scum does not get a chance to build-up on the pipe, and it has a chance to dry before your next smoking session.

Things You'll Need

Hot water

Soft bristle shisha brush

Large tub

Dish washing liquid

Cotton balls

Soda crystals

1 .Remove the hose from the base of the shisha pipe. It is likely to be screwed, or pushed into a hole attached to the rounded base. Then, brush each end of the hose with a soft bristle brush.

2 .Run hot water through the metal pipe stem. Push the shisha brush through one end, and move it up and down to dislodge the particles inside. Then, rinse it once more with hot water.

3 .Place the wind cover, clay bowl, grommet and metal tray in a large bowl and cover them in hot water. Do this at the end of each of your smoking sessions. Add a squirt of dish washing liquid to the water and allow the items to soak for 20 minutes. If there are any remnants of the coals, foil or tobacco on the items, pick them off before you submerge them.

4 .Wash the base bottle after every sixth smoke. Do this by submerging it in hot water mixed with one teaspoon of soda crystals. Allow it to soak for 20 minutes, before removing it. Scrub it with the brush, and then rinse under hot water. Then, leave it to dry thoroughly.

5 .Clean your hose every time you clean the base bottle. The hose might be washable, or it might not -- so you need to check this. For example, if it is made from leather, rinse the hose with cold water once a month. But this can only be done three or four times, so it will need replacing after four months, if you use it twice a week.

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